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1st Source Business Solutions Patient Insurance Assistance
Medical Billing & Practice Management
Considering closing your private practice, due to the economy or overwhelming administration?
Call us before you close your doors.

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Medical Billing & Practice Management
Practice Analysis
Check out the health of your practice with a Free Practice Analysis.
We will show how to maximize your minimums.
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Practice Analysis
Opening New Medical Practice
Opening a new medical practice and don't know where to start? Check out our Services & Solutions and Call today to schedule FREE Consultation.
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Opening New Medical Practice
EMR: What does that mean to you?
EMR: Electronic Medical Records, is it mandatory?
Is my EMR system compliant?
How will you benefit from implementing EMR?

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1st Source Business Solutions Patient Insurance Assistance

5 Reasons to Choose 1st SBS

1.  Increase your bottom line

2.  Less time doing paper work and more time withyour patients

3.  Compliance and Efficiency

4.  US Owned, Operated and Insured

5.  20 years Plus Experience.

Practice Management & Medical Billing

When your Practice becomes more adminsitrative focused than patient focused, it is time to delegate.

1st Source will handle the back office of your practice while you handle the front office. You studied to be a PHYSICIAN, not a Practice Manager.

Good News, you will still be in control.. read more

Practice Analysis

Your Practice Anaylsis will consist of :

  • Review of Practice Revenue and A/R Collections
  • Fee Structure
  • Practice Policies and Procedures
  • And More...

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Let Us Get YOU Back To The ART Of Medicine!!
If you:


  • Are experiencing lack of cash flow.
  • Are seeing patients, but not the money.
  • Are wanting to increase your bottom line.
  • Are you considering outsourcing your medical billing.
  • Have you opened your private practice and don't know where to begin.
You are in the right place!!

 . See how our parnetership is beneficial.

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